TV Tower

Tashkent TV Tower

Tashkent TV tower is the tallest tower in Central Asia. Its height is 375 meters. It was the fourth in height in the world by the moment when it had started operating (in 1985). In 1991, Tashkent Tower joined the World Federation of Great Towers, where it took the ninth place among the more than 200 towers. Today,
It ranks the 11th in this list. The metal construction of the tower that weighs over 6000 tons, is based on the heavy 11-meter foundation. The construction is very earthquake resistant, it can withstand an earthquake in 9 points.
The authors of this unique project were architects Thirziev-Tsarukov and Semashko. Engineers Morozov and Musheev decorated the tower. The tower’s foyer was decorated with mosaic panels of semi-precious stones, marble and metal in the style of Florentine and Roman mosaics.
Five channels and four radio stations are broadcasting via Tashkent TV tower. TV tower is used for communication by many agencies and commercial organizations. Equipment of more than 22 electronics companies, including telecom and mobile operators is located here. The complex radio station for high-attitude observation under Uzbek Hydro meteorological Center is also located here.
One can walk up to the restaurant “Koinot” where, in one of two restaurants, “Blue” or “Red” one, it is possible to enjoy a panoramic view of Tashkent. The restaurants make a complete circle around its axis within an hour.
Residents and guests of Tashkent can always enjoy the view of the city with a bird's eye while sitting at the table restaurant.

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