The Tashkent underground
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Tashkent Metro (subway) is considered one of most beautiful in the world, and is the only one in the entire Central Asia.
The design of the Tashkent Metro began shortly after the deadliest earthquake in the capital of Uzbekistan (1966). The design took into account the high seismicity areas, the complex geological conditions and high temperatures. The project involved the specialists from Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Tbilisi and Baku. On November 6, 1977 the first section of Chilanzar line, which connected the large residential area to the city center, was opened. In 1991 Uzbekistanskaya line was built and in 2001 the first part of Yunusabad line came into operation.
The best artist of the Republic took part in the interior design. The stations were decorated with pink and light gray marble from Gazghan and Nurata deposits, the granites and diorites of various shades from Kuramin and Chatkal mountains in combination with traditional glazed pottery and glass. Each of the 29 stations is unique its own way: "Pushkinskaya" station is decorated with bronze candelabra; "Cosmonauts" station features the portholes portraits of the explorers of outer space; "Alisher Navoi" station is adorned with the pictures of the characters from the great poet's works.
Today Tashkent subway is represented by three lines: Chilanzar, Uzbekystanskaya and Yunus-Abad; the length of the three metro lines with 29 stations is 37,55 km.