Oriental Bazaar, Chorsu

"Chursu" bazaar
      source: iriston.ru

The official name of the market is "Eski Zhuva" (“Old Tower”). However, it is more popular as "Chorsu" (“Four flows”). The old bazaar with rich history is located at the crossing four trade streets. Since ancient times, people from all over the city came here not only to buy or sell something but to listen to fresh news to watch cock-fights. Singers Hafizes, preachers maddahi, masharaboz clowns and wits performed here.
Today Chorsu is a market with convenient access roads, wide stairs, several car parks for 1,5-2 thousands of vehicles, and the entrance to the subway in the heart of the market. At the same time, a true spirit of the East can be felt only here, at Chorsu.
Chorsu is traditional blue domes, ranks of artisans and a noisy crowd of buyers, who come from all over the city. Whatever you want can be found here: oriental spices and sweets, fragrant fruit, hot cakes and salty white balls (“kurt”), a favorite delicacy of the local population. One can come without money and eat to satiety: it is a rule to taste food which draws your attention; otherwise you can seriously insult the seller. And, of course, it is a custom to bargain here, all prices are appointed with “bargain portion”.
Here, Chorsu is the best place to buy souvenirs: gold-woven robes (‘chapans’), real Uzbek tyubeteyka, painted cases and much more.
In addition, there are a lot of catering spots at the market. You can taste real Uzbek plov and other traditional dishes here


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