Monument “Courage"

Monument “Courage", Tashkent
     source: fromuz. com

The monument “Courage" is a memorial complex that is dedicated to the liquidation of 1966 Tashkent earthquake’s consequences. In early morning of 26 April 1966, at 5:23 a 9 point earthquake took place. The epicenter was at a depth of about ten kilometers in the heart of Tashkent, in an area where ten years later, in 1976, the monument "Courage" was constructed.
The monument consists of a sculpture composition in the center, a stone cube in the foreground and bas panno in the background. A cube of black labradorite split in two. On one side of the cube there is a watch, the hands of which show the time when earthquake had happened. On the other side there is the date of the incident. The crack on the earth extends to the sculpture which depicts a woman with a child and a man who protects by shielding them from the disaster. Relief compositions, which describ the restoration of Tashkent frame the monument.
All the republics of the USSR took part in the reconstruction of Tashkent. New houses were built several months later, and in three and a half years Tashkent had been fully restored.
Today, the monument represents peace and tranquility in the solar capital. The surrounding Square is a popular place for walks of Tashkent residents. The newlyweds traditionally bring flowers to the monument.

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