Hast Imam

Hast Imam, Tashkent
   source: : sng-moskva.ru

Hast Imam is a symbolic place not only for Tashkent but also for the world’s culture. It contains the most famous Koran in the world - the Ottoman Koran It was the Ottoman Koran that all subsequent copies of the Holy Book of Muslims were made from. The book written in the 7th century has traveled a lot: Medina, Damascus, Baghdad, Samarkand, St. Petersburg and Ufa. Now it is kept in the Library of Hast Imam. The collection of 30,000 historical manuscripts and books brought from all over the world can be found there.
In addition, Hast Imam is a major religious center; there is the residence of the Central Asian Islamic Religious Board. In addition, there you will see the Tilla-Sheikh mosque, Barak-Khan madrasah and the mausoleum of the saint Abu Bakr Kaffal Shashi, in whose honor the religious complex was named. Hast Imam is translated as “the first saint.”

Major Sights: