Zangi-Ata Mausoleum

Zenghi-Ata Mausoleum, Tashkent

Zangi-Ata Mausoleum is located 15 kilometers from Tashkent. The mausoleum is the burial place of the famous Muslim saint Sheikh Ali Khoja Allas Zangi-Ata, who lived at the end of the 12th – early 13th centuries. His nickname – “ the Dark Father” originated from his dark complexion.
According to the legend, Amir Temur, well-known Asian warlord of medieval times, who conquered a lot of lands, wanted to build the mausoleum of Ahmad Yassaviy (the saint known throughout the Islamic world) in Turkmenistan. But the idea failed to materialize as the wall was constantly falling apart. One day Temur dreamed of Ahmad Yassaviy himself and was told that the mausoleum of Zangi-Ata and Ambar-Bibi, his wife (who was worshipped as the goddess of fertility and motherhood). That’s how Zangi-Ata Mausoleum was erected.
In addition to the mausoleum the suburban complex includes Namazgokh Mosque built in 1870 as well as the madrasah and the mosque added in the 20th century.


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