Shahidlar Xotirasi Memorial Complex

Shahidlar Xotirasi Memorial Complex

Shahidlar Xotirasi Memorial (in the memory of the victims of repressions) was opened on May 12, 2000. The Memorial occupies 17 hectares and is located in the part of the city where during the 1930s the wrongfully convicted were executed. From 1920 to 1940 in Uzbekistan alone about 100,000 people were arrested 13,000 of who were shot. Among the victims of Stalinist repression were such prominent figures as Abdullah Kadiri, Fitrat, Chulpon, Hamza.
The complex consists of the park, museum and rotunda with the symbolic nephrite tomb. The tombstone bears the inscriptions in three languages Arabic, English and Uzbek: “The memory of those who died for their country will live forever.”
The Memorial Museum of the Victims of Repressions decorated with the wood carving under the light-blue dome has a lot of window openings and internal lighting. The museum includes historic documents and photographs.

Major Sights: