Kukeldash Madrasah

Kukeldash Madrasah,Tashkent
         source: diary.ru

The most famous historical building in Tashkent is Kukeldash Madrasah erected in the 16th century. For many years it has the center of the city’s life: situated nearby was the market square, caravanserai, craftsmen's quarters; the heralds proclaimed edicts of rulers, public executions were held; the residents shared news and rumors.
Today Kukeldash is still the center of the so-called “Old Town”: bazaar is still there, caravanserais were replaced by Chor-su Hotel; as for the craftsmen's quarters, despite the development of industry the secrets of the masters are still passed from generation to generation.
Kukeldash has seen a lot: it was used as a fortress and a hotel, it survived two earthquakes. Now there, like four centuries ago, is the madrassa and the mosque. From the towers on the corners of the building the people are summoned to prayers. The cells are inhabited by students; the building’s left side is for religious services.
Once in Tashkent, will certainly visit the madrassa Kukeldash. It is not only an interesting historical monument, but a great start for a short trip to "old" city.


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